To make your rental experience more enjoyable, we ask that you review the following terms:

1. Please return at the proper time or call ahead of time to make arrangements for later return.  A 1 hour grace period is allowed and each additional hour will be charged at a 1/4 day per hour rate.  

2. Return the vehicle in clean condition.  A cleaning charge will be added for vehicles returned dirty. ($150.00)  

3.  No smoking or pets are allowed in the rental vehicles at any time.  If evidence (i.e. ashes, odor, pet hair) is found there will be a $150 violation charge.

4. Vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when picked up.  If vehicle is returned with less fuel than when picked up, there will be a $2.50/gal. surcharge in addition to current price per gallon to bring it back to the proper level.

5. In the case of an accident CALL THE POLICE.  We must have an accident report.  Call your insurance company and then call us immediately. (989-340-0941)

6. Keeping vehicle fluids full during rental period is the responsibility of the renter.

7. Only drivers listed on the rental agreement are permitted to drive the vehicle.

8. Vehicles taken out of mileage radius stated on the rental agreement must be returned by the renter at renter's expense, regardless of mechanical repairs. We will get repairs taken care of as quickly as possible but do not offer any compensation for down time.

9. We will do a vehicle replacement but do not guarantee one.  Replacements depend on availability and location.